Geomancy Workshop Saturday November 16th at Mortlake and Company


A six hour workshop on geomancy.  Some written materials are included.  The workshop is priced at $50.  Facebook event page is coming soon.

One former student is now divining using Geomancy in Tacoma, WA.  People who have learned geomancy have often made it their number one divination method.  Members of Golden Dawn organizations have used this workshop as part of their grade lesson curriculum.

Cost: $50
Location: 117 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA 98104

(All purchasers of a ticket will receive email confirmation and have a seat reserved. This is a good way to assure that you will be able to make it in.


This workshop teaches Geomancy, a divination done by the casting and interpreting of
sixteen figures that are then interpreted through a chart methodology. It is a
practice that originated in the Middle East/North Africa and spread to Europe in the
early Middle Ages. As a divinatory form, it is quite distinct in results and feel
from any other form of divination (such as tarot and astrological divination). It
tends to be more calculative in its process and result in answers that are more
specific and less abstract.

The workshop is interactive in that it involves my supervision over people casting
their own geomancy charts once theyve learned the basic method. By the end of the
class I would like the attendees to be able to do on-the-spot skrying using
geomantic figures, and to know the techniques of casting a full shield chart and the
12 house astrological chart.

I have handbooks that will be available and can serve as quick reference to many of
the tables of correspondences and techniques found in Geomancy.

The way I teach is in line with the popular books on the subject by John Michael
Greer (The Art and Practice of Geomancy) and Skinner (Geomancy in Theory and
Practice), not to mention 16th century magician/occult writer Henry Cornelius
Agrippa. I also practice Geomancy in some new ways developed from years of
experience and hundreds of readings, and I will teach these practices and concepts
in addition to the more universal methods.


* Theoretical and General Historical overview of divination and geomancy
* Conceptual overview of symbols / concepts used to form correspondences
in geomancy
* The 16 figures explained
* A multifarious approach to asking and refining your question
* Casting a shield chart
* Casting a house chart
* Advanced interpretation methods
* Divination Demonstration
* Class Participation in Individually casting Geomancy charts
* Resources, books and online

I am a bit obsessed with Geomancy and can honestly say that I am one of a rather small number of people in America who actually divine regularly using Geomancy for the general public. I would really like to see this wonderful form of divination restored to its former Renaissance era glory 🙂