Tarot Readings

A full tarot reading. This is a minimum of fifteen minutes and can go as long as you want, up to two hours max.

Cost: $20 – $200+ sliding scale, depending on the time.  My rate is a dollar a minute + $5 as the low rate of sliding scale up to $1.67/min which is the store rate.  Because the minimum time for a tarot reading is 15 minutes, the lower end is $20.  Below are sample rates, rounded to the nearest dollar.

15m, $20 – $25
20m, $25 – $33
30m, $35 – $50
45m, $50 – $75
1 hr, $65 – $100
1 hr 20m, $85 – $133

Scheduling:  Please click on http://www.kiyanfox.com/divination or the button below to schedule a meet-up, or, if you prefer, email kiyan@kiyanfox.com and we can figure something out.

Location: To be determined after scheduling in the local Seattle area.

Video Meets: If you are not in the Seattle, Washington area, I often do video chat readings or phone readings. When you book the reading you can select the remote option and then share your phone or video chat handle.

Policies of Conduct and Legal Disclaimer:

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This is for a Tarot reading of a time span that you can choose below: 15 – 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour.  If you’re local to my area (Seattle, WA), we could meet in person, or you can get your reading done remotely.  For a remote reading, I can use Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, or Facebook Chat, or we can talk over a phone line.  When you book the reading you can select the remote option and then share your phone or video chat handle. And if you want to meet in person at a cafe, this is also an option in the booking link, and in this case simply let me know some places you would like to meet.

After the reading is done, I can send you a summation of the reading, but that will cost a little extra, generally an additional five to ten minutes for a reading up to a half hour, and fifteen minutes for longer.

You may ask pretty much anything! However, because the process involves so many steps and divulges so much information, it is best to keep to one specific topic.  The exception would be for a general reading asking about a specified period of time that is a year or less, in which case information will be provided about many various aspects.

Some sample questions I have received:

  1. I am not sure about my college major. What do the cards say?
  2. I am interested in someone. Are they right for me?
  3. I’m sick of my boss, what else can I do?
  4. Should I move into this apartment?
  5. What is the best direction for my spiritual path?
  6. I don’t feel fulfilled. What can I do?
  7. I am tired of being single. What are my prospects?

How Do You Read The Cards?

I read by a combination of my knowledge of the cards, my psychic intuition, and my instincts. I wrote a little essay about reading the tarot here. https://kiyanfox.com/posts/the-divination-trick/

What tarot deck do you use?

I use many! The Nefertari, the Dalí Tarot, the Smith Waite (recent “restored” edition), the Thoth tarot, the Starman Tarot, and Jodorowsky’s Marseilles deck.

I have been practicing tarot for close to three decades, and have spent years doing weekly divining work at Edge of the Circle Books Events.

The tarot helps me find new perspectives, patterns, meditations, truths, and helps me name what I truly feel. By all these insights, tarot leads me towards a course of action. That is what is most important: tarot creates a working blueprint for managing your life.


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