Geomancy Readings

A full geomancy chart reading.  This usually takes 40 minutes to an hour.  Afterwards you receive the chart, shown in the gallery below.

Cost: $50 – $100+ sliding scale, depending on the time.  My rate is a dollar a minute + $5 as the low rate of sliding scale up to $1.67/min which is the store rate.  Because the minimum time for a geomancy reading is 45 minutes, the lower end is $50.  I.e.:

45m, $50 – $75

60m, $65 – $100

Scheduling:  Please click on or the button below to schedule a meet-up, or, if you prefer, email and we can figure something out.

Location: To be determined after scheduling, but we could meet at Edge of the Circle Books, or one of my favorite coffeeshops in Seattle, Sureshot or Kaladi Brothers

Video Meets: If you are not in the Seattle, Washington area, I often do Skype readings . My skype handle is through  my email, and a search for will pull up my account.

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This is for a Geomancy reading that will take between 40 minutes and an hour.  If the reading is in person, than the querant, or the person receiving the reading, will receive a chart at the end of the reading.  If it is done by video chat, then the reading will be given by email in one or two days. 

You may ask pretty much anything! However, because the process involves so many steps and divulges so much information, it is best to keep to one specific topic.  The exception would be for a general reading asking about a specified period of time that is a year or less, in which case information will be provided about many various aspects.

Some sample questions I have received:

  1. Please tell me about my coming year?
  2. What is going to happen between me and my lover?
  3. What will happen when my father passes?
  4. Will I inherit the land?
  5. Should I move my retail business and if so, where?
  6. I’m sick of my job, what else can I do?
  7. What is the best direction for my spiritual path?

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is divination by the casting and interpreting of certain figures, sixteen in all. It is a practice that originated somewhere in the Middle East / North Africa, and spread to Europe in the early Middle Ages. As a divinatory form, it is quite distinct in results and feel from any other form of divination (such as tarot and astrological divination). It tends to be more calculative in its process and result in answers that are more specific and less abstract.

In the sense that the figures are comprised of binary rows, it can be said that Geomancy is like the Western version of the I-Ching.

I have been practicing geomancy for close to two decades, and do regular divining work at Edge of the Circle Books Events. I have done over ten geomancy workshops in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland.

I am a bit obsessed with Geomancy and can honestly say that I am one of a rather small number of people in America who actually divine regularly using Geomancy for the general public. I would really like to see this wonderful form of divination restored to its former Renaissance era glory 🙂

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