Say the blessing for the bread, with your left hand held over it:

“Here is bread, the life of the Earth,
Blessed to give us life and strength.
I consecrate it in the name of_____
With my left hand I bless it
With my left hand I shall eat it.”

Say, for the Wine, while lifting the cup:

“Here is wine, filling the cup with abundance
I consecrate it in the name of ______
With my left hand I lift it,
With my left hand I shall drink it.”

Holding the cup in your left hand still, bring it near your lips, and say

“I drink this cup in my Lady’s name: She shall gather me home again.”

Then drink a little. Everyone who shares from the cup should say the same, holding the cup with their left hand, before they drink.

After you (or everyone gathered) has shared from the cup, everyone should eat a piece of the bread- tear or cut it apart, making enough pieces for everyone. As you bring the piece of bread, held with your left hand, near your lips, you should say:

“I eat this bread in the unknown name, for awe and care, and want of Him.”

Then eat.

The rest of the wine should be poured into the same bowl or dish containing the remains of the bread, mixing the two together, and each person who is at the gathering should dip their finger in the mixture and anoint their head with it. If the area that the Red Meal is being performed in needs to be consecrated or blessed, the wine inside the bowl can be sprinkled around it, and objects can likewise be blessed with the same sprinkling.

When that is done, the bowl with the remainder of the bread and wine should be held up by the person leading the Red Meal. He or She says the Declaration of Giving:

“As some is taken, so is this given
By the sons and daughters of the family of the Old Faith
I give it to the Ground
I give it to the Pale People below
That above and below will become one
For what is taken is truly given
And what is given is truly taken
The day and night are wed
As the living and the dead.

Here is shown a mystery.”


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