The Supreme Arcanum

In preparation for Okult Sunday, which is a Seattle club night for Resurrection Sundays at the Baltic Room, there is a semi-private ritual performed before the night. For the theme of tarot and the October 5th night called The Supreme Arcanum, I decided to do a ritual that I use prior to “significant readings” wherein I invoke Thoth, construct a tarot mandala per Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Way of Tarot, and then do the reading from the center of this mandala. I recorded it on video for documentary purposes and also for self-promotion (one of my vocations is tarot reader, – see The reading itself is about this particular club and the event itself.

About the video:
It Begins with image of Thoth. The fool (card 0) is placed under the Universe card (card 21, last trump card) Emanating from this central dancing figure are the four elemental suits, their corresponding court cards, and running down the center of the mandala, the parade of trump cards, forming a paired column whose relationships with the other cards is best explained in the aforementioned book.

In my own usage of the cards, the trumps (i.e. Emperor, Chariot, Death) describe a subjective path of transformation. The numbered 1-10 cards (i.e. 2 of Wands, 8 of Disks) represent encountered objective realities. The court cards are the personalities we meet or enact in order to take on these realities and paths.

The four cards received from this rite are Judgement, The Chariot, 6 of Wands, and King of Cups. The positions, respectively, are “What is this all about?”, “What is going to be received, what will just happen?”, What to strive for?”, and “What will be the result?”. The true significance of these cards will not be revealed until the end of the night.

The quote at the end is from Arthur Edward Waite: “Being Fragments of a Secret Tradition Under the Veil of Divination.”

The music is “Fall In” by Bloodbox. Editing and prost production by Alexis Lopez. Video shot by Vanessa Zsadanyi. Creative direction by Kiyan Fox.……

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