About Me

kiyan foxI’m a tarot and geomancy chart reader who lives in Seattle.  You can book time with me here:  http://kiyanfox.com/divination

I read in an occult bookstore called Edge of the Circle books, which is located in the University District of Seattle, Washington.  Usually I’m there every Wednesday between 2:30pm and 8pm, but I also substitute and float around a bit, too.  Mostly I read outside of the store. 

My rate is a dollar a minute + $5 as the low rate of sliding scale up to $1.67/min which is the store rate. I.e. 30m is $35 to $50, 45m is $50 to $75 etc.

I have been reading for about fifteen years, maybe more.  I became obsessed with it and started reading for others, then reading at fairs, and then picking up some divination shifts at the occult shop. You can read some testimonials on my home page.

I used to have a bio that was much more poetic, but also quite impractical. You can still find it here: The Poetic About Me Page

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